What do you need to know about Waxing:

* Hair needs to be at least ΒΌ" long.
* You should have this done every 4-6 weeks if you shaved you should wait between 2-3 weeks before waxing again (depending on individual hair growth).
* You are not on any skin-sensitive medications. (ie: Accutane, Retin-A, Hydroxy Acids)
* After waxing it is recommended not to do any heavy exercise, swimming, sexual activity, sun tanning or use any wax that contain perfumes or alcohol (your pores take about 24hrs to close back up after waxing and this might sting, irritate, burn or even get infected)

What should you do before coming over:

Personally I'm against any medication taken, but if you really need to there are a few out there:
*Ibuprofen 30-45 mins prior to service to reduce pain.
* Apply numbing cream 15 minutes prior to service to reduce pain. No need to apply any other creams or oils to your skin before coming over as it will make it harder for the wax to grab onto the hair.

We will use a warm towel on the area before waxing as this will help open up the pores and provide an easier exit for the hair.

Please avoid drinking any alcohol or coffee before your appointment as this stimulates your skin to be more sensitive.