The Wax Whisperer uses an award-winning professional spray tan product that has been used on Hollywood film sets for over 20 years and is now available for you.

Why should you use this product?
* It can be used on your contouring
* It contains a synergy of ingredients for anti-aging, botanicals and vitamins
* It contains AHA to renew your skin so you can have your tan and your treatment at the same time
* It doesn't only work on the pigment of the skin it also works on the upper layers of the epidermis so the colour comes up really close to your natural skin tone and gives you that natural bronze looking tan

The contours allows you to enhance muscle tone, bring out the abs, increase the tone across the decli'te to give yourself a better cleavage (for the ladies), tone the arms, elongate the legs, tone the bum and diminish the appearance of cellulite in just 6 minutes!

No Streaking
No Patches
No Orange look